Ceramic Bathroom Lighting Guide

How many times have you walked into a washroom and thought, this looks strangely familiar? With the proliferation of the big box hardware store and DIY design and renovation, it’s not uncommon to see the same fixtures over and over again. Vanity lights are a prime example. The same four of five styles have been used for years. If you’re planning a design for a new bathroom, or remodeling an old one, consider trying something a little different like this line of ceramic bathroom lighting from Fabby Lighting.

As with all Fabby products, these ceramic sconces are designed and manufactured in the USA. Each fixture is handcrafted by local artisans giving them an uncommon look sure to make your bathroom unique.

Many designers choose a theme when decorating a bathroom. This often affects their choices of shower curtains, bathmats, and counter top accessories. With the variety of indoor light fixtures available from Fabby, there is no reason this theme shouldn’t be carried through to the vanity lights.

Fabby Lighting makes hand-cut ceramic bathroom fixtures within reach.

Fabby Lighting makes hand-cut ceramic bathroom fixtures within reach.

Ceramic Bathroom Lighting for Beach Lovers

A seaside or beach theme is always a popular choice for a bathroom. Something about the turquoise waters and white sand of the Caribbean puts the mind at ease. The Floundering Fish Ceramic Vanity Light would be a great addition to any bathroom with a costal feeling. A great option for a children’s bathroom is the Island Star Gazing Light. Cutouts of swaying palm trees on deserted islands, watched over by the moon and stars are sure to have you smelling the salt air.

Modern Vanity Lights

If it’s a more modern look you’re after, the Rough Around the Edges Vanity Light may be the perfect choice. The open top and bottom design lets this fixture cast a unique silhouette on the bathroom wall. While it looks great as is with a natural off-white bisque finish, designers also have the option of painting it with any water-based paint to match the décor of the room.

Traditional Ceramic Sconces

Of course not all homeowners are looking for a contemporary or whimsical beach feel in their bathrooms. For the traditionalist, a Classic Column Vanity Light is the perfect choice. The simple elegance of this style will add an instant touch of class to any bathroom.

All of the two bulb ceramic sconces in this line are great choices when ordinary just won’t do. These original designs offer a balance between great form and excellent function that is hard to find in the average indoor light fixture. The next time you’re planning a bathroom design, be sure to consider ceramic bathroom lighting to add a touch of distinctive style to an often uninteresting room.

What is a Vanity Light?

A vanity light, also known as a vanity bar, is a long light fixture mounted above the bathroom mirror. The counter and mirror are the focal point of the bathroom, and vanity lighting draws attention to this important spot. Vanity lights and vanity bars come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. And since […]