Home Office Lighting Tips

Proper lighting in a workspace has been proven to have a significant effect on productivity. So whether you work from home, take your work home with you, or have passion projects you like to spend quality time on, a well-lit home office is essential. We’ll show you how to make the most of your workspace […]

How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Getting the right look, set the right mood, and find the right size chandelier is more than just picking a design you are immediately drawn to. True, that may be exactly the chandelier you end up getting, and it may work perfectly in your space—but why take the risk when you can know for sure? […]

custom ceramic sconce

Why Should You Choose Ceramic Custom Lighting Options for Your Home or Business?

Lighting is an area that many homeowners and businesses tend to overlook when renovating or decorating a room. Yet, with the addition of beautiful indoor ceiling lights or outdoor wall sconces, you can instantly bring more charm and appeal to any location. Available to meet your specific needs, custom made light fixtures allow you to choose a size, style, and design that accents your chosen décor.

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Coastal Style Lighting Design Tips


Cylinder ceramic sconce

The coastal style is all about simple clean lines , just like the classic cylinder ceramic sconces. It’s off-white bisque finish helps brighten up a room to blur the line between the outside and the inside. (Source: Houzz)

When you think of warm weather, you start dreaming of beaches. The fresh ocean breezes, hot sand in between your toes, and cool waters invoke evoke feelings of relaxation and comfort. It’s no wonder why people want to incorporate those feelings into their home.  You don’t have to live by the sea to have a coastal-styled home. Whether you live in an apartment in the city or a house in the suburbs, you can bring the coastal style feel to wherever you reside with these basic lighting tips:

Let There Be White

Majestic Marlin De Pacific Wall Sconce in Honorable-Blue

Adding color to your home lighting is a perfect way to add small nautical accents to your coastal style home. Our favorite Fabby color, Honorable Blue, reminds us of the deep blue ocean.

The key to coastal style is to keep it simple. The style is light and airy, features natural materials, and praises crisp clean lines.  Coastal interiors use a calming palette with lots of white and light neutral colors that, unlike bold colors, lack drama. White is the predominant color in coastal design because it reflects and spreads light rather than absorbing it, making it feel spacious and fresh inside. The coastal style aims to make the indoors feel uncluttered and bright as if you are outside on the beach. If an all-white palette seems monotonous and one-dimensional to you, play it up with layers of off-white colors like a cream or beige. These off-white Contemporary Cylinder Ceramic Sconces will fit right in with your coastal interiors with its crisp lines and simplistic design. If you are lucky enough to have your home near the water, ceramic light fixtures are the perfect choice because they can withstand salty air.

Seashell Themed Sconce

Shells are a common element in the coastal style because of their simple elegance and beauty.

Add Splashes of Ocean and Sky Hues

Does that mean you can’t have bright colors in your beach interiors? Nope! Bring the ocean right to your home with some unexpected splashes of oceanic blues and sea greens.  Fabby Lighting features 40 earth-inspired blue, neutral and green hues which echo the tones of the sky, sand and sea. One of our favorite Fabby colors is Honorable Blue which calls to mind the essence of the ocean and sky.  Pair the color up with a playful Marlin wall sconce. If you already have a favorite beachy color, you can also paint any of our ceramic light fixtures with any basic latex paint. Just make sure to stay consistent. Using too many color schemes will create too many personalities and cause clutter.

Ceramic Cylinder Sconce with Beta Fish with Bubbles

The Beta Fish with Bubbles Ceramic Cylinder Sconce is a playful decor to add to any coastal home.


Lighten Up With Beach Accents

A few well-chosen beach accents can evoke the sense of the coast.  Add a dramatic Seashell Themed Sconces to your living room or fun and whimsical Beta Fish and Bubbles Cylindrical Sconces in your bathroom. Don’t overdo the nautical décor; the coastal lifestyle is comfortable, relaxing, and unfussy so you will want your coastal style to reflect that. Use just enough coastal accents to lighten up the home, but don’t overkill it with a home full of beach-themed décor.

It’s impossible not to love the understated charm of the coastal style. The white open space, shades of oceanic blue, and hints of fun seaside accents bring back those sweet summer memories of the ocean. Visit to shop our extensive collection of lighting that’s perfect.

Unique Ceiling Lighting Fixtures for Every Space

Finishing touches are one of the most important parts of the room, and interior designers everywhere know that lighting is a great way to instantly turn a space into a masterpiece. From modern and sleek to traditional and dramatic, unique ceiling lighting features are not only functional, but also stylish and serve as the uniting factor of a room.

Forget the gaudy and dusty chandeliers from your grandparent’s house – modern chandeliers are all about lighting up a space with unique style and elegance. Aside from our collection of metal and glass ceiling lights, our unique line of made-to-order metal chandeliers can be a showstopper in any space. Chandeliers and pendant lights make a particularly big splash when used in kitchen spaces. With quality you can trust, like commercial-grade fixtures for indoor and outdoor use, there is a perfectly unique light fixture for any space and any style.

Rustic Round Up

Rustic Barnlight Chandelier

Rustic Barnlight Chandelier

Rustic styles can be homey and inviting, especially when done in an unexpected place, like an office or waiting area. Complete the look with one of our charming barnlight chandeliers. Available in a variety of sizes and with three or five shades, these pieces can draw the eye to the ceiling and leave a lasting impression. Don’t just add a few rustic accessories and call it good – really sell the design theme with these specially designed pieces. And with the unique finishes and salvaged pieces, no two fixtures of this bronze chandelier are the same, meaning the lighting can be as unique as each client’s space.

Industrial Ideas

Accentuate the interesting textures and edges of an industrial space with our warehouse chandelier, the perfect combination of hard industrial style and classic elegance. This beautiful modern chandelier works well over a dining or meeting table or in the lobby or waiting area of an open space. Hanging light fixtures add another design dimension to a room and can be a great way to incorporate the style into all areas of a space.

Unique Metal Chandelier

Modern Industrial Chandelier

Whimsical Ways

Add an airy touch of whimsy to any space with our seaside chandelier. Available with frosted lights or clear bulbs, this unique chandelier brings a sense of lightness to the room. This piece is perfect if you’re in need of kitchen lighting ideas, as it can balance out the weight of countertops and heavy appliances. Put it in a space with natural light to accentuate the beauty or use it to bring in a sense of openness to an interior room.

Every client and every space is unique, and that should be reflected in the purpose and style of the room. Tie it all together and give your client the one-of-a-kind piece they deserve with unique chandeliers in every style. To shop unique ceiling lighting fixtures Click Here or call toll free.

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Back to Basics: Types of Room Lighting

You’ve decided it’s time for a change and you want to revamp your home. You begin your research and even before you start to remodel, things are already complicated. You start asking yourself what is a ballast? What do they mean by task lighting? Or why are lumens so important? The lighting industry uses intellectually overwhelming terminology that can cause the majority of people to get lost in the jargon. Here are some of the basic types of room lighting:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient is a hidden source of light that washes a room with an even glow with little shadows. It is the general illumination of the room and sets the predominant light level and mood.   This is usually achieved with lamps that direct the light downward such as wall sconces, chandeliers, or ceiling lights like our 18″ Ceiling Lights with Contemporary Eyelets. You can use a dimmer to adjust the level of illumination you want for specific occasions, such as when hosting a dinner party where a darker setting is favored.

Task Lighting

This is exactly how it sounds like: it is directional lights used for doing specific tasks such as eating or reading. When creating task lighting, it is important to position the light fixtures to create more contrast. If poorly positioned, this could cause contrast reduction which results in a loss of visibility. You want to use task lighting over kitchen counters where food will be prepared; seating areas such as the dining room table where food will be eaten or living room couches where books will be read; and home offices where paperwork will be done. Pendant lights are great for achieving this such as the 6″ Convex Cylinder Pendant Light with Vertical Lines Pattern.

Accent Lighting

Accent is used to draw your attention to a particular, noteworthy object, such as artwork, plants, or bookcases. If you have a large painting or mirror, frame it with two wall sconces. You can never go wrong with the 12″ Contemporary Cylinder Wall Sconce which fits any room’s style and decor.

Consider yourself enlightened.

Are you more enlightened now? Consider all three types of lighting when planning the layers of light in your room lighting. Usually, you want to start with the ambient lighting first, and then build up the task and accent lighting. For rooms that are heavily task-oriented, however, you can focus on the task lighting focus, and then build the ambient and accent lighting. Similarly, for rooms that are used like an art gallery, such as hallways, you may want to consider accent lighting first.

Pendant Lighting Placement Guide for the Kitchen

Pendant light fixtures are truly universal because they are easy to install and can be used virtually anywhere. They come in various shapes and sizes, but you know them by their one similarity: They hang like a pendant from the ceiling. The kitchen is a common place to hang pendant lights, especially over the kitchen island or for use as modern lighting by hanging them over the kitchen table. How many lights should hang over a kitchen island? Take a look at this guide to help you decide how many to purchase.

Size Matters!

The number of island pendants that one kitchen should have is wholly dependent on the size of your kitchen island. There is no set rule for island sizes, but generally the smaller start at 24″ x 48″, while some go up to as many as 10′. For your buying convenience, we will start with smaller islands first and then move onto the more common sizes of six and eight feet.

When placing pendant lights, consider the usable space that needs lighting first. Three 16" dia. fixtures is more than enough to illuminate this custom 84" breakfast bar.

When placing pendant lights, consider the usable space that needs lighting first.
Three 16″ dia. fixtures is more than enough to illuminate this custom 84″ breakfast bar.

Does my kitchen need a single pendant?

The 16.5″ Heirloom Scalloped Radial Shade Pendant Light is a great choice for a smaller island. It is rather large in diameter, which would light up a 24″ area easily. These pendant lights are great because they are wired for service with compact fluorescent and HID bulbs, creating a clean and bright kitchen area to work with. Pendant light fixtures can be ordered with accessories such as cast or wire guards. In addition, their shade design comes in multiple colors to match any color scheme in your home or professional kitchen area. These details can be handled when you call customer service to place your orders.

What to Do When Your Island is Longer

Six and eight feet are common sizes for kitchen islands, but many people have trouble with placing the light fixtures. It is a good idea that if you’re willing to hang pendant lighting, then you’d want to divide your island into smaller sections and hang more than one pendant. For example, if your island is six feet long, you can easily divide it into two sections by hanging two pendant lights. You need to order larger light fixtures for such a situation, like the 14″ Heirloom Opal Shade Pendant Light, so that your kitchen island is well lit. While you’re searching for the right look, consider dividing your six foot or eight foot kitchen island into thirds and hang smaller pendant lights instead. For modern lighting, take a look at the 8″ x 7″ Prairie Barn Pendant Light.

Look to warehouse shades and barnlights to add industrial design elements to your kitchen.

Look to pendants with warehouse shades and barnlights to add industrial design elements to your kitchen.


These are the perfect match for those polished stainless steel kitchens that are popular today, especially if you have a metal or concrete-industrial kitchen island. Just divide your six foot island into three equal sections and hang one of our pendant lights in the direct center above each section. If you order with us, your cookery will be stylish and complete! Eight foot kitchen islands are a bit trickier, because you don’t want to divide them into threes – however, we offer the Topeka Ribbed Glass Antique Pendant Light just for this occasion. This pretty pendant light has a rustic feel to it and a sturdy 10″ glass shade – it even has an antique vintage key on the light itself and is still designed for control by a wall switch. Once you get your kitchen island divided, make your lighting choices from our vast array of pendant lights, and get started remodeling today!



Ceramic Pendant Lighting Ideas

Whether putting together a design plan for a new home, commercial space, or just a room to be remodeled, lighting design must be carefully considered.  Properly lighting a space helps a designer create a desired mood in a room by highlighting shapes, textures, and focal points.

Designing a lighting plan is harder than ever these days with hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from when it comes to light fixtures.  To narrow it down a little, let’s talk about pendant lighting.

Ceramic Pendant Lights by Fabby Lighting

Ceramic Pendant Lights by Fabby Lighting is offered in 13 standard designs and unlimited customizations! Click to shop~

When it comes to indoor light fixtures, pendant lights have a long history, and in recent years have seen a surge in their popularity.  Contemporary designers are using these fixtures in a wide variety of applications both residential and commercial.  From general kitchen lighting in a remodel to providing funky atmosphere hanging over tables in a new local restaurant, pendants lights are the answer to many lighting design problems.

Even within the narrowed category of pendant lights there are hundreds of options to consider such as style, materials, and design.  FABBY, an American lighting manufacturer is offering an interesting line of handcrafted ceramic pendant lights that may be just what designers are looking for.

The contemporary interior designer has one thing in mind when searching for indoor light fixtures, uniqueness.  Something like the 6″ Progressive Cylinder Pendant Light gives the designer the one of a kind look that is so sought after.  Perfect in its standard bisque finish, this material may also be painted any color of the rainbow using water-based paints.

Laid Back Modern Style

The modern look of pendant lights can be enhanced by the design of the fixture.  The 6.5″ Block Pendant Light with Square Light Windows achieves this feeling by drawing on the art deco style of the mid-20th century.  The style of this piece makes it the perfect fit for the urban loft or business.  This piece, like all fixtures in the line, contains standard hardware UL-approved “damp” making it suitable for all indoor applications, as well as sheltered outdoor areas.

The process of manufacturing this line is the real driver of its quality and variety.  The clay mixture used in the molding of these ceramic pendant lights is hand poured into molds then individually cut by local artisans.  This hands on process produces designs created with love, like the 9.5″ Tumbler Ceramic Pendant Light with Seashells.  This fixture would make a perfect choice for a seaside home, or any location with a beach theme.

Ceramic Pendant Lighting for Commercial Spaces

Many designers outfitting a commercial location have come to appreciate the value of pendant lighting.  Most prominently, the bar and restaurant industry has taken to using this style of fixture.  Designers have long used drop lights for kitchen lighting.  A restaurant or bar is really just a public kitchen, making ceramic pendant lights a natural fit.  Imagine this 6″ Convex Cylinder Pendant Light with Vertical Line Pattern providing the perfect atmosphere for a modern lounge.

When it comes to indoor light fixtures, it’s all about the right product used in the right place.  The next time you need to add accent pieces to a modern design consider ceramic pendant lights.  Their versatility and beauty may be the perfect fit.

Ceramic Bathroom Lighting Guide

How many times have you walked into a washroom and thought, this looks strangely familiar? With the proliferation of the big box hardware store and DIY design and renovation, it’s not uncommon to see the same fixtures over and over again. Vanity lights are a prime example. The same four of five styles have been used for years. If you’re planning a design for a new bathroom, or remodeling an old one, consider trying something a little different like this line of ceramic bathroom lighting from Fabby Lighting.

As with all Fabby products, these ceramic sconces are designed and manufactured in the USA. Each fixture is handcrafted by local artisans giving them an uncommon look sure to make your bathroom unique.

Many designers choose a theme when decorating a bathroom. This often affects their choices of shower curtains, bathmats, and counter top accessories. With the variety of indoor light fixtures available from Fabby, there is no reason this theme shouldn’t be carried through to the vanity lights.

Fabby Lighting makes hand-cut ceramic bathroom fixtures within reach.

Fabby Lighting makes hand-cut ceramic bathroom fixtures within reach.

Ceramic Bathroom Lighting for Beach Lovers

A seaside or beach theme is always a popular choice for a bathroom. Something about the turquoise waters and white sand of the Caribbean puts the mind at ease. The Floundering Fish Ceramic Vanity Light would be a great addition to any bathroom with a costal feeling. A great option for a children’s bathroom is the Island Star Gazing Light. Cutouts of swaying palm trees on deserted islands, watched over by the moon and stars are sure to have you smelling the salt air.

Modern Vanity Lights

If it’s a more modern look you’re after, the Rough Around the Edges Vanity Light may be the perfect choice. The open top and bottom design lets this fixture cast a unique silhouette on the bathroom wall. While it looks great as is with a natural off-white bisque finish, designers also have the option of painting it with any water-based paint to match the décor of the room.

Traditional Ceramic Sconces

Of course not all homeowners are looking for a contemporary or whimsical beach feel in their bathrooms. For the traditionalist, a Classic Column Vanity Light is the perfect choice. The simple elegance of this style will add an instant touch of class to any bathroom.

All of the two bulb ceramic sconces in this line are great choices when ordinary just won’t do. These original designs offer a balance between great form and excellent function that is hard to find in the average indoor light fixture. The next time you’re planning a bathroom design, be sure to consider ceramic bathroom lighting to add a touch of distinctive style to an often uninteresting room.

Dad’s Been Shopping for Pendant Lighting. You know what to do.

In need of an interior design upgrade? You’re in luck. Father’s Day 2014 is the perfect time to give your dad the gift of a beautiful home and the chance to get his hands dirty with a little home renovation. And there’s nothing easier than hanging pendant lights to add character, style, and function to a space.


Before you set your dad off on his big home lighting project, you might need to rein him in a little. Begin by choosing where the pendant lighting will hang. Pendant lights are designed to highlight certain aspects of a room, and should be placed accordingly. Pendant lights are perfect for hanging over a table, in a home’s entryway, or above a kitchen island. Choose a few places in your home to place the lights and determine the lighting needs of each space. Knowing how much light you want to shine on an area will help in choosing the perfect pendant light.

Pendant Lighting Placement Tip: Hang 28-34 inches above tables and countertops, or 72 inches from the floor.

Pendant Lighting Placement Tip: Hang 28-34 inches above tables and countertops, or 72 inches from the floor.


Next, it’s time to go shopping. Choose a pendant light that will provide enough light for your space. Consider also the style of the room and how large you would like the pendant to be. This bowl shaped pendant light is small enough to work well when used in multiples, such as a row of two or three above the kitchen island. Use this cranberry vintage pendant light as a way to add a pop of color and style to a space, or go for its steel version for a modern and sleek look. If you want to highlight the details of a small space, look for small pendant lights, such as this mini warehouse pendant light. There isn’t a set formula for choosing the right formula as long as it fits in the space and with your style.


Now it’s time for Dad to have his real fun-installation. First, determine how low you want the pendant light to hang. The typical guide is to have a light hang 28-34 inches over a table or countertop, and 72 inches above the floor. This guideline can be customized to fit the needs and style of your home, just make sure the lights aren’t hanging somewhere where people will bump their heads or get light shone in their eyes. Pendant lights are fairly easy to install. If hanging a pendant light in the place of a recessed light, all you need is a simple conversion kit and less than an hour.

The gift of light is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. Bring some extra style into your home and give your dad a chance to show off his handyman skills with this gorgeous indoor lighting.