6 Great Kids’ Bedroom Themes

An outer space theme bedroom is perfect for kids with a passion for stars and planets.

An outer space theme bedroom is perfect for kids with a passion for stars and planets.

A child’s room should be a reflection of his or her personality, goals, and interests. Does your child like dinosaurs? Astronomy? Butterfly collecting? Here are six cool bedroom themes that fit almost any kid’s style.

1. Dinosaurs: Start with earthy wall tones, wooden furniture, and some leafy motifs for that Jurassic feel. Real or artificial ferns add to the prehistoric setting. Kids who love dinosaurs will love our dinosaur-themed light fixtures. Made of white earthenware clay, they are beautifully carved with the huge prehistoric reptiles that continue to fascinate us. Wall sconces with T-Rex, or bowl sconces with Triceratops? Our wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs means that any young dinosaur enthusiast can feel right at home.

2. Plants: Junior gardeners will love being surrounded by plants and flowers. Unfinished wood is a natural choice for furniture. For the walls and linens, choose various shades of green, from seafoam to forest. Potted plants, of course, are a must. The windowsill is the obvious location, but shade-tolerant houseplants can grow in almost any spot. As for lighting, desk lamps and ceiling fixtures with floral designs fit beautifully in our young botanist’s room. Our Blooms & Bees ceramic light is among our many beautifully designed ceiling light fixtures. Pull all these elements together to inspire any child’s fascination of nature.

The dragonfly cutouts on this children's lamp make it perfect for the kid who loves bugs.

The dragonfly cutouts on this children’s lamp make it perfect for the kid who loves bugs.

3. Bugs: Plants are great, but some kids are into the more animated parts of nature — creepy, crawly bugs. We have a wide selection of light fixtures that fit any insect-lover’s dreams, like our marvelous Dragonfly Dream table lamp. Mix and match our bug-themed lighting with our floral lighting designs to turn the room into a rain forest! A bug theme doesn’t have to be natural. Use cool blue tones and modern designs to surround a blue-glowing ant farm and inspire the scientists of the next generation.

4. Nautical: A marine-themed room can inspire young sailors and aspiring mermaids to continue dreaming of the ocean. Our anchor-themed wall sconces are a great addition to a young sailor’s lifestyle, and our seashell-inspired pendant lights would fit any young marine biologist’s agenda. Match these light fixtures with a nautical aquamarine color theme and accessorize the wall or bed frame with seashells to bring any child closer to the ocean. Be careful — with a theme like this, you might need to invest in a lifeguard!

Enhance a western-themed kids' room with this sconce, featuring cactus, cowboy, and night sky.

Enhance a western-themed kids’ room with this sconce, featuring cactus, cowboy, and night sky.

5. Outer Space: Send your young astronaut into the skies with a space-themed bedroom. Futuristic furniture with shining chrome surfaces creates the feeling of a space station. Stick glow-in-the-dark planet shapes on the wall to create a cool effect when all the lights are out. Installing a dimmer on the overhead light will turn the room into a planetarium. Shaped like a star, the Starry Sky ceiling lamp will bring any young space adventurer closer to the skies. Add a small telescope by the window to motivate the astronomer in any kid.

6. Western: For the aspiring cowboy or cowgirl, focus on brown tones and rustic finishes. Horseshoes, stars, and cactus shapes create the feel of the old west. To light the room, combine our Cowboy and Cactus wall sconce with a light earthy exterior for a perfect wild-west themed room. And have you considered bringing the western theme into the bathroom? It’s not as common as a nautical bathroom theme, which makes it surprising and fresh. Choose wood-framed mirrors and a cowboy-themed vanity light.

What’s the coolest themed kids’ bedroom you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments, and if you have a great photo, we’ll add it to our children’s themed bed & bath board on Pinterest!

What is a Wall Sconce?

A living room with couch and wall sconces

Clean, contemporary sconces can add dramatic light to any room. Consider pairing them on either side of a couch or bed.

Vintage two bulb wall sconce

This traditional wall sconce resembles two candles.

A wall sconce is a light fixture that is attached to a way that it only requires the wall for support. Wall sconces serve both aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. They are used very widely, and hallways, bathrooms, living rooms, and patios are among the countless places to add a wall sconce. There are various options to choose from when deciding to use a wall sconce. Some wall sconces have candles, while some are bulb based. Some are plugged into an outlet, while some are are battery operated.

There are, of course, pros and cons for each different kind of wall sconce. Some look like lamps, with an arm coming out from the wall and an attractive shade. They are very traditional and suit most applications. Lamp style sconces work well with pull chains and switches. They use bulbs with shades that can project the light evenly throughout the room, especially if there are a lot of them set up in the room’s perimeter. Other, fancier wall sconces might have replaceable covers. Some people may want to be able to replace the design of the sconce without touching any of the circuitry or the light sources. Some sconces resemble torches or candles, providing a more natural feel. Homes and restaurants with patios and outdoor areas compliment the outdoor aspect of a torch-like sconce. Some sconces lie flat against the wall, with light seeping out around the edges, while others direct light up with a bowl shape.

Ceramic wall sconce in a ribbon shape

This ribbon wall sconce is made from ceramic and has a classic look.

Sconces suit many different environments, including but not limited to offices, hallways, and indoor environments. Most sconces are wired to a switch, but there are some benefits to having battery-powered sconces. Unlike sconces that are hooked into your home’s wiring, battery-powered wall sconces can be more portable and may save energy. Also, a battery-operated sconce is much easier to install! Keeping a sconce separate from the room’s other light sources can be useful and stylish. It’s nice to be able to have light in just one area of the room as needed.

When buying sconce lights, it is important to have an aesthetic goal in mind. Sconce size can impact the mood of the room, and have practical considerations as well. A two-bulb wall sconce could illuminate a room in less space than two separate one-bulb sconces. This can save space in a small room and avoid cluttering the walls.

Wall sconces can be made of many different kinds of materials: Ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, and even metal. Choosing the right material for your situation is incredibly important to a room’s lighting. A blue ceramic sconce, for example, would highlight cool tones in a room, and a clear glass sconce could allow the warm light of the bulb inside to dominate the color emitted. Metal sconces offer defined, clear-cut shadows and focus light towards a certain area, while ceramic sconces dampen shadows and illuminate more spherically.

Most designers combine overhead lighting, lamps, and wall lighting to create a rich atmosphere throughout a room. For help choosing sconces, call our design consultants at 1-888-320-0630.