How to Create a Home Theater Room

Are you thinking of turning your den, spare room, or even basement into a home movie theater? Taking on a media room project can be challenging, but with some planning, it’s within reach. The important elements are picture, sound, lighting, seating, and décor. Getting a Great Picture Projectors with 1080p playback are becoming less and […]

Can Halogen, LED, and Fluorescent Bulbs be Dimmed?

There are many different kinds of lights on the market today. Three of the most popular are Halogen, Florescent, and LED. Each of these three types of lights has its pros and cons. Some bulbs have better energy saving features while some bulbs will have stronger outputs. But can these bulbs be dimmed? Home, office, […]

What is ADA Lighting?

In searching for light fixtures for your home or business, you may have noticed that some fixtures are labeled “ADA compliant.” What is ADA lighting? The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, requires public buildings to construct safe and accessible buildings for all disabled people. Created in 1990, it guarantees equal opportunity for the disabled, […]

DIY Lighting or Hire an Electrician?

Been watching home improvement TV shows lately? Of course you have! They make it all look so easy and get us excited about those three little letters: DIY. Take a deep breath and a dose of reality. When it comes to home lighting projects, it’s important to think carefully about what the job requires. Only […]

Recycling, Donating & Storing Your Christmas Lights

Getting with the holiday program entails a lot of joyful shopping, wrapping and lighting. You know, deck the halls! But after the last Christmas cookie is gobbled down and we begin to think about the New Year our households are often left with storage debacles and waste. Where to put all the stuff and how […]