Dad’s Been Shopping for Pendant Lighting. You know what to do.

In need of an interior design upgrade? You’re in luck. Father’s Day 2014 is the perfect time to give your dad the gift of a beautiful home and the chance to get his hands dirty with a little home renovation. And there’s nothing easier than hanging pendant lights to add character, style, and function to a space.


Before you set your dad off on his big home lighting project, you might need to rein him in a little. Begin by choosing where the pendant lighting will hang. Pendant lights are designed to highlight certain aspects of a room, and should be placed accordingly. Pendant lights are perfect for hanging over a table, in a home’s entryway, or above a kitchen island. Choose a few places in your home to place the lights and determine the lighting needs of each space. Knowing how much light you want to shine on an area will help in choosing the perfect pendant light.

Pendant Lighting Placement Tip: Hang 28-34 inches above tables and countertops, or 72 inches from the floor.

Pendant Lighting Placement Tip: Hang 28-34 inches above tables and countertops, or 72 inches from the floor.


Next, it’s time to go shopping. Choose a pendant light that will provide enough light for your space. Consider also the style of the room and how large you would like the pendant to be. This bowl shaped pendant light is small enough to work well when used in multiples, such as a row of two or three above the kitchen island. Use this cranberry vintage pendant light as a way to add a pop of color and style to a space, or go for its steel version for a modern and sleek look. If you want to highlight the details of a small space, look for small pendant lights, such as this mini warehouse pendant light. There isn’t a set formula for choosing the right formula as long as it fits in the space and with your style.


Now it’s time for Dad to have his real fun-installation. First, determine how low you want the pendant light to hang. The typical guide is to have a light hang 28-34 inches over a table or countertop, and 72 inches above the floor. This guideline can be customized to fit the needs and style of your home, just make sure the lights aren’t hanging somewhere where people will bump their heads or get light shone in their eyes. Pendant lights are fairly easy to install. If hanging a pendant light in the place of a recessed light, all you need is a simple conversion kit and less than an hour.

The gift of light is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. Bring some extra style into your home and give your dad a chance to show off his handyman skills with this gorgeous indoor lighting.

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